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Ask Singer/Songwriter Keaton Simons what he takes from his new EP, 123 Go and his answer is as authentic as the six songs on the record. “I took a step back and poured all my focus into the music and the moment.” 

Simons had a lot to draw on in when writing and recording the '123 Go' EP. It all came together seamlessly to make a record that is one hundred percent Keaton Simons. “That’s what this EP is, this is a real culmination,” he says. “It’s where I am right now.” 

'123 Go' has already grabbed attention from Forbes, Guitar World and many more. This year Keaton plans to tour as much as he can and share his love for music with the world.


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“You can feel and hear that passion on the six-song collection, premiering here exclusively on FORBES. His rejuvenated love of making his own music is evident from the opening notes of the spirited title track, “123 Go.” A jubilant roots rocker that picks up both steam and jangle as the song progresses, it is an absolutely infectious rocker that defies you not to tap your feet, clap your hands and shake blissfully at top speed as you listen to it.”

— Keaton Simons Premiere: '123 Go' EP
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“Here’s a catchy, light feeling Americana song with a serious message, performed fantastically over a cool mandolin bed. It’s “Crane City” from Keaton Simons. The tune is from this artist’s new EP, 123 GO, releasing March 2.”

Exclusive Premiere: Keaton Simons' 'Crane City' 
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TV Performances

• The Ellen DeGeneres Show •

• The Tonight Show with Jay Leno •

• The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson •

• Last Call with Carson Daly •

Sync Highlights

Sons of Anarchy “Just This Side of Insane”

Private Practice “If I Hadn’t Forgotten”

NCIS “Mama Song” & “Grim Reaper”

Suits • “When I Go”

The Good Wife “Good Things Get Better”


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